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Justin, a member of our team, and one of the first attorneys we hired five years ago, here are his most recent wins. One interesting case involved a Chinese seller who faced several intellectual property rights complaints. Besides, Justin took on a case after another Amazon seller used another competitor’s website who submitted several failed plans of actions that were pretty awful. After reviewing all of them, he came up with some arguments that didn’t contradict what had already been submitted, and within two days, the seller got reinstated. Congrats Justin, you are awesome!

Natalie, one of the newest paralegals and a member of our team, won three reinstatements in a day! One case was a review manipulation case from a UK seller, and these are so,e of the most difficult cases to win. The other two cases were related accounts cases, which are also pretty challenging to win. Natalie, you’re the best!

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Fighting Baseless IP Complaints & Winning Reinstatements – Amazon arbitration Lawyers Success

Today, I’m going to tell you about some of the cases we’ve won in the last few days. And the goal isn’t simply to brag about how great we are. It’s so you know you’re not alone with whatever issue you’re having, and you can almost always get your listing/account back and continue to flourish on Amazon. So let’s dive right into it.

Cases where sellers were accused of copyright infringement, trademark infringement, selling inauthentic products, high ODR rates, used sold as new, and related accounts are among today’s insanely awesome wins.

The first victory I’d like to share with you involves copyright complaints lodged by our client’s competitor. But we have an incredibly professional team, and we won this case straight away, with our first plan of action.  We are tremendous at helping our domestic sellers with various issues. Clients who’ve come back to us term us as “absolutely incredible.”

The next case is may be inauthentic. Here’s what you need to know about the difference between a may be inauthentic and a pure inauthentic. When a customer has an issue with your product, inauthenticity may arise. That when the package arrived, it may have been wrapped in last year’s packaging, it may have been damaged, or it may have been discolored from being stored in direct sunlight. Inauthentic comes from a consumer. A may be inauthentic comes from Amazon and is a much more complex case to win. When Amazon comes after you, you must show a lot more than when Amazon is merely folding a customer complaint. Congratulations to our team for winning this case and even being reinstated. Our clients believe we’re doing a great job.

The subsequent success I’d like to share with you involves related accounts. Cases involving related accounts are tough to win since Amazon does not reveal how the accounts were related. They started sending you more details over the last few months, such as the name of the other account they’re connecting you to, but they always don’t give you enough information. So in this scenario, the father had one account, and the son had another, and they were both living in the same house. Such cases are tough to win. In fact, in these cases, you’re more than likely to lose and be forced to balance your business on one account rather than two, which I disagree with, but that’s the way it is. However, in this case, we were successful in obtaining the reinstatement of both accounts, and as we speak, both accounts are making money, and the family is doing really well.

Now the next lawsuit presented the trifecta of challenges, and an excellent friend of mine, the company’s first paralegal, had a trademark complaint, a high ODR rate, and a 72-hour notice. Even though he is a manager, he kept this case to himself, won reinstatement, and got the plan of action within 72 hours, and the client is satisfied.

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