You open your email and BOOM! You see a suspension email from Amazon.

Amazon Account Suspensions

What do you do now that your Amazon seller account has been revoked?

 So, after taking a few deep breaths, it’s time to get to work on a Plan of Action. You can write your Plan of Action or request assistance from our team, which drafts several Plans of Action for suspended Amazon sellers each week.

If you write the Plan of Action yourself or hire someone to do it for you, you must know the basic details that any Plan of Action must provide.

Processing Time                                               

 24-120 Hours



 From $1250-2500

Special price and condition


A Plan of Action should be divided into three sections:

1) The Problem

This is the issue that Amazon needs you to solve. That may be due to a range of consumer grievances or intellectual property disputes in more advanced situations. Amazon wants you to go out of your way to find the issue, take ownership of it, and elaborate on it. Make a dive into finding the root cause. Take a look at how you run your business. Determine the source of the problem, but never accept fault – always remain optimistic.

2) Immediate Remedy

This solves the root cause’s questions or problems right away. What did you do as soon as you discovered the issue to make the customer happy? One thing about Amazon is that they are always for the consumer, even if they are scamming the seller. You want to show Amazon, not just tell them, that you’ve taken steps to resolve the issue at hand, such as removing the item from inventory, issuing a refund, and so on. This is required to keep your account safe and regain your account/listing(s).

3) Avoiding Potential Problems

This segment sets out the improvements you’ll make to avoid future complaints. This is where you plan how you’ll become a better Amazon seller. You can’t use forms for this; you’ll need to build a Plan of Action tailored to your business. People who are reviewing your Plan of Action should feel confident about reinstating your account/listing because you are making improvements to your company that will result in less or no complaints from other customers.

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What’s the significance of submitting the first Plan of Action to Amazon?

The first strategy is what will make or break you as a seller.

To get through the first plan of action sent to Amazon, you might have to put in a lot more effort. It is essential because it has a higher rate of reinstatement performance. The issue is that reviewing and responding to supplemental plans of action is taking longer and longer. We assume Amazon has expanded its personnel to cope with plans of action and focuses on the first ones to arrive. The first Plan of Action is critical.


It’s also advisable when it comes to Amazon appeals; you need to make sure they’re short, compelling, and respectful of the people who are reading them. And it can also play a part in whether or not your account is reinstated.

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