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Amazon Seller Client Payment Agreement

These Payment Terms of Services below apply equally to Amazon Seller services purchased from this website. In view of the foregoing, please be aware that:

  • You are paying for our expertise and time. We provide no guarantee that Amazon will accept the appeal or respond immediately.
  • There are no refunds whatsoever once work has begun
  • Our reinstatement process is divided into two parts- assessment and appeal. If during the assessment stage we determine your chances are slim, we shall inform you and not charge for an appeal unless you convince us to try anyway.
  • If we have reviewed your case and conclude your chances are slim, yet you still want us to proceed with the appeal letter on your behalf, we will unless it’s apparent we cannot move forward. Should the appeal be denied, refunds will not be issued.
  • Should you get reinstated before submitting our appeal, we will only charge you for our time and refund the excess. Once we have written an appeal or completed the assignment, refunds will not be issued.
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