Recovering Damages from Brands for Filing False Counterfeit Complaints

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Helping Amazon Sellers

Major brands are constantly abusing Amazon’s intellectual property system. Since Amazon sellers sell genuine products, brands’ counterfeit allegations against Amazon sellers are often baseless. Simply put, they are not selling counterfeit products. In our experience, brands file false counterfeit complaints against Amazon sellers to increase prices for customers.

False counterfeit lawsuits filed against Amazon sellers often result in the seller’s account or Amazon listings being suspended, as well as the loss of thousands in revenue. Amazon sellers have recourse under legal claims through litigation.

Before we consider a client or file a complaint against an Amazon seller, we look for the following:

First, we decide whether or not litigation is making financial sense.

When you employ a lawyer as a business owner, you should expect to make a profit. It’s not a question of right or wrong. It’s all about the business. First, we determine your situation. Is it financially feasible to pursue this lawsuit? Is it going to result in you having more money?

Second, we assess the chances for success.

What are the chances of success if we represent you and file a lawsuit on your behalf? It’s pointless to file the case if we don’t believe we’ll win at the end of the day. Not the law firm, but you, the seller, should profit from the litigation. To conclude, what are the chances of success on the merits?

Finally, do you have a place to collect money if we’re successful?

If you’re appealing for money damages and there’s no place to collect at the end of the day, then it’s pointless to file the litigation in the first place. In summary, those are the three things we assess during our initial conversation with you.

 In conclusion, if they have the correct information, sellers can get relief from temporary restraining orders.


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