Intellectual Property Law/Copyrights

Intellectual property law is something Amazon sellers ought to be aware of, specifically if your account was suspended due to a complaint about your IP address. Rights owner complaints are the kind of complaints that lead to Amazon accounts/listings being suspended.

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Intellectual property law is classified into four categories:

Amazon sellers may gain international intellectual property rights in several ways. In the United States, a seller may apply for a trademark and be protected by the World Intellectual Property Organization. Furthermore, sellers can gain worldwide protection by applying for protection in other countries.

  1. Copyright Law

The primary subject of copyright law for Amazon sellers is images and verbiage. Sellers on Amazon should never use pictures or photos that they do not own. Sellers on Amazon should take their photos for their listings. On their information page, sellers do not copy and paste verbiage from another product or website.

  1. Trademark Laws

The use of logos and other symbols is the subject of trademark law. Private label sellers should register their logo and the name of the private label brand they’re creating as trademarks. In short, sellers can never use the trademark of another person or corporation on their goods.

  1. Law of Patents

Design patents are concerned with the appearance of a product. Utility patents are concerned with how a product works. If you have a new idea for an existing product, you can apply for a design patent. If you’ve created something completely different, you can apply for a utility patent.

  1. Trade Dress

Trade dress refers to the whole product, including its form, color, packaging, and other distinguishing characteristics. If Amazon sellers want to stop rights owner lawsuits, they should not copy goods. However, Amazon does not seem to have the most robust framework for rights owners to claim trade dress grievances.

Wherever they sell and source their goods, Amazon sellers should be worried about securing intellectual property rights.


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Plenty of fraudulent copyright complaints against sellers.


The term “copyright” almost always refers to images and text in Amazon lists. It also includes box inserts (written content/copyright) that you add to the packaging. We’ve seen plenty of false copyright complaints lodged against sellers all over the world. If you have one, you must determine which one you have violated. And if the brand uploaded it, they relinquished their ownership of the listing. Or was the listing created by another seller, and they were the ones who broke the rules? The number of copyright lawsuits lodged against sellers is gradually growing.

There have been several instances where Amazon has been sued for common law breaches that have resulted in losses for both sellers and buyers. Copyright infringement, breach of vendor agreements, misleading promotional practices, and other violations are among them.

Our website provides legal documentation for Amazon-related cases and case specifics and whether Amazon won or lost.

You can always contact us if you have any copyright troubles on Amazon.

Our law firm is experienced in dealing with copyright infringement on Amazon. It has several tools for resolving copyright complaints and has a range of methods for handling IP complaints.

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