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Arbitration with Amazon

In your contract with Amazon, you give up the right to take Amazon to court, but what you gain is the ability to have your disputes resolved through arbitration, which is faster & cheaper.

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When Amazon Sellers Should Take Amazon to Arbitration

Amazon sellers are very vital to the Amazon platform’s survival. As the platform expands, sellers’ issues have become more common, and at times, more complicated. Suspensions are a big source of concern for sellers, and in almost every case, getting back to selling is the number one priority. That makes it our duty to assist Amazon sellers in their battle against injustices.

You give up the right to take Amazon to court in your contract with Amazon, but what you get is the opportunity to get your disputes settled by arbitration, which is quicker and less expensive.

The agreement that Amazon sellers enter is unfair. According to Amazon’s Terms of Service, your account can be suspended at any time and for any reason. The Amazon company is not expected to explain why they have suspended sellers’ accounts, an unfair Terms of Service if you ask us.

What an arbitration demand is, how we draft it and what we do with it:

According to Amazon, any of your issues must be settled by arbitration. Despite this, they will always avoid arbitration because they want to get rid of the seller and keep your money. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. Our team issues a document demanding that we attend the hearing and arbitrate it with you.

Suppose Amazon refuses to reinstate your account, release your money, or return your products, and you cannot resolve the situation through Plans of Action or the creation of cases. In that case, every seller has the right to take Amazon to arbitration.

Recovering inventory and money is crucial for an Amazon seller who has been suspended. You can take the decision out of Amazon’s hands and legally bind them to an arbitrator’s decision by filing for arbitration.

How do you launch an arbitration case against Amazon?


The piece of paper itself is mailed to Amazon’s location.  It will be seen and checked by the parties, and it will be the first document the Arbitrator has when we sit down to begin the arbitration proceedings. They’re going to keep referring to this document in the trials.

If you write a powerful, concise, and convincing arbitration, there’s a good chance Amazon will settle the case, and you won’t have to go through the trial.

The Unfair Terms of Service

The agreement Amazon sellers enter into is unfair. Amazon’s Terms of Service essentially states that Amazon can suspend your account at any time, for any reason. They are not required to explain why they suspend sellers.

Arbitration will help you regain an Amazon account that has been suspended.

Arbitration can be used to get back an Amazon seller’s account. It works in the same way as trial lawyers do when they bring evidence before juries. Just say how you did nothing wrong and that Amazon suspended your account unfairly.

Suspended status Amazon sellers should resort to notions of justice in the arbitration to get back their accounts. It’s fair enough if suspended sellers reveal how Amazon refuses to reveal how it makes decisions against sellers.


The first step in every arbitration is to draft a document called Demand for Arbitration.

In this text, the suspended seller lays out his or her case for reinstatement. The seller’s arbitration demand must explain why the Arbitrator should overturn Amazon’s decision and reinstate your seller’s account. The seller should assume responsibility for their significant loss in the Demand for Arbitration.


You’ll need a list of issues on which you take responsibility for when planning to testify at your arbitration.

Testify with ease what you did to ensure that Amazon customers got exactly what they ordered. Describe how you have already made improvements to your business to improve your seller’s account’s efficiency.

Demonstrate what you’ve done to ensure that the customer experience meets Amazon’s standards. You could win the reinstatement battle before Amazon’s lawyers say anything.

 Persuasion tool is an effective method in regaining access to your suspended Amazon account.

Accepting personal responsibility affirmatively performs at least two functions:

  1. It adheres to Amazon’s Leadership Principles, demonstrating to the suspension arbitrator that you adhere to the boss’ laws.
  2. Even though Amazon turned down your appeals, it will help convince the Arbitrator to reinstate your suspended account.
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