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Amazon sellers can be severely harmed by blocked listings, both in terms of lost revenue and the risk of account deactivation. According to research, Amazon seller accounts with blocked listings are ten times more likely to be deactivated than accounts with no ASIN suspensions.

Blocked product listings are difficult to overcome because Amazon’s reasons for blocking listings are often unclear (and even inconsistent). Suppose your appeal is unsuccessful or poorly written, this can make matters worse. In that case, Amazon will most only review your first appeal or, even worse, suspend your account entirely if your request does not correctly answer the issues.

From a legal perspective, we assist sellers in dealing with Amazon suspensions. Our firm offers strategic appeal strategies that discuss every aspect of Amazon’s strict reinstatement criteria.

Our analysts conduct a comprehensive investigation of your account as part of our Amazon listing reinstatement plan. We then give you a report detailing the significant issues we discovered. After that, we investigate your suspended listing and draft an appealing strategy that addresses all aspects of the suspension.

If your listing as a private seller has been hijacked or updated unexpectedly, contact us. We will assist you in reclaiming ownership of your Amazon listing.

What happens when you create a private label product with a trademark, register it with the law, and start selling well? Frequently, you have a hijacker on your side. Hijackers are people who have access to your Amazon listing from their vendor accounts. They then replace your listing with their own and file an IP complaint against you. This is a prevalent problem.

Tips for avoiding hijackers include:


1. Keep a close eye on your listing.

Keep an eye out for images that have been altered by hijackers, as well as names that hackers have changed. Hackers will change the images and titles to add their branding to your listings. They’ll then file charges against you.

2: Even though you have a brand list, you must be cautious of hijackers.

Amazon also allows Amazon retail and vendors with vendor accounts to make changes to their listings. It’s clear that Amazon has a problem. It’s a problem that hasn’t been solved yet, so if you have a brand registry, you’ll need to keep an eye on your listings to shield yourself from Amazon vendors and retail.

3: If your account is compromised, Amazon will hold you accountable.

Make sure your Amazon account login details are different from any other online accounts you might have. Make sure your email address and password are also unique. Make sure you’re using Amazon’s 2-step verification as well. If your account is compromised, Amazon will hold you accountable. You didn’t use 2-step authentication, which is one of the items Amazon will find out.



Our collaborative work environment is something we take pride in. Our experienced team collaborates with clients to develop the best possible Amazon listing reinstatement strategy.

We partner with our clients because no one knows an organization better than the people who run it. Our mission is to assist you in getting your accounts up and running as quickly as possible. You’ll be able to afford your family and employees in this manner.


We assist sellers in reactivating their Amazon listings that have been suspended. For a free consultation about your suspended ASIN, give us a call or send us an email.

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