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Amazon Account Suspensions

If you have a suspended Amazon account, you’ll probably need help drafting a Plan of Action to get your account reinstated. This is because Amazon refuses to provide exact details on why your account was suspended in the first place.

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Amazon Seller Account

An Amazon suspension can be a significant risk to a seller’s profits and credibility, and the entire process can be very frustrating.

Amazon suspends user accounts daily. This is partially due to Amazon’s unwavering commitment to consumer obsession. It’s a technique that’s presented in their core values. If Amazon claims (for whatever reason) that your sale procedures are maintaining their standards, you will find your Amazon account suspended one day.

If your Amazon account has been terminated, you’ll most likely need assistance writing a Plan of Action to have it reinstated. It’s due to Amazon’s inability to include clear explanations for your account’s suspension in the first place. This is where we come in.

From a legal standpoint, our law firm assists sellers with Amazon account suspensions. In short, we create strategic and effective appeal strategies that address every aspect of Amazon’s stringent reinstatement criteria.

Our team will assist you in getting reinstated as soon as possible. We appreciate how frustrating it can be to see your complete account go down, and we’re working together to regain your sale rights.


Is your Amazon account still suspended? Return to a sale as soon as possible

Is your Amazon Seller Account inactive? We will assist you in regaining access to your Amazon Seller Account. Our Amazon suspension services get you back to selling as soon as possible with an Amazon Plan of Action designed by experts.

Amazon Reinstatement Appeals

Appeal for Account Reinstatement

To write your custom appeal to reinstate your suspended Amazon account, Amazon Arbitration Lawyers dig deep into your Amazon Seller account metrics and results. We will assist you with analysis, have direct contact with your case analyst and consultant, and file as many Amazon appeals as necessary to recover your account.

The first step in our team’s plan for reactivating your suspended account is to investigate it. This is followed by a brief report outlining the significant issues we uncover for you. Finally, after reviewing your account, we create an appealing strategy that addresses all aspects of the suspension.

Our team’s strategy for reinstatement of your suspended account first involves an investigation of your account. This is followed by a comprehensive report that outlines the main issues we find for you. Lastly, after we examine your account, we draft an appeal plan that covers every angle of the suspension.

In short, what we do for you is review all the information you provide to us, then we will:

Investigate seller performance, customer metrics, and the alleged policy violations that caused the suspension.

Address buyer complaints & negative feedback to boost your seller performance & prevent suspensions in the future.

Construct a Plan of Action to obtain a successful reinstatement of your selling privileges on Amazon.

Analyze individual factors to develop an appeal plan then Work with you to identify the best ways you can improve your business.

Seek any lost profits due to buyer complaints and negative feedback.

Inauthentic Items
If you receive a false claim of your product being inauthentic, show Amazon the receipts/invoices from where you purchased the product. Include the distributor’s phone # and website. Secondly, do what Amazon wants, which is a self-analysis. Ask yourself why your customer would believe your product is inauthentic. You may be selling authentic products, but maybe the packaging is inconsistent with the customer’s expectations. Most importantly, address how you plan to avoid future suspensions.

Used Sold As New
If you Amazon has sent you a message suspending your account due to a used sold as new complaint, you may be a bit baffled because you’re selling a product that has never been used before. One reason why you may receive a used sold as new complaint is because the packaging is not the same. Or, the product (while never being used) is returned. Amazon considers these items used and you cannot sell them as new. Even if the product was just returned, the product cannot be labeled as new. Amazon expects perfect packaging.

Not As Described
You need to be as descriptive as possible when selling products on Amazon. For example, if you’re selling a non-branded item, clarify that your product is not a certain brand, but rather ‘like’ this brand. This mistake could lead to receiving complaints for not as described items. In your Plan of Action, show Amazon that you quickly corrected your mistake and that you’ll take preventative actions so it never occurs again. So, look at your listings and make sure the pictures and descriptions perfectly describe the products you’re selling.

Buyer Complaints
Even just one buyer complaint can lead to an Amazon account suspension. We utilize the law to handle complaints that jeopardize Amazon seller accounts. Our law firm assists with a two-step approach designed to handle issues that stem from buyer complaints. 1: Investigate the complaint to see if it is valid and provide a method of resolving the issue amicably. 2: When the complaint is invalid, seek clients’ lost profit and adequate reimbursement for the business interruptions caused by the complaint..

Sellers are suspended for drop-shipping directly from places like Sam’s Club or Walmart directly to customers. It seems like Amazon is continuously cracking down harder and harder on anybody they feel is violating their drop shipping policy. The main reason why drop shippers become suspended is due to customers complaining they received non-Amazon packaging. In conclusion, make sure you get the packages sent to you first, and then send them to your customers.

Counterfeit Complaints
Brands may sometimes accuse you of selling counterfeit products when you are selling 100% genuine products. When this occurs, you usually have two legal claims you can use as leverage or to sue in court: Defamation & Interference with Contract. We rep sellers and use the claims to negotiate resolutions. In addition, we can, and have, started lawsuits against brands who make wrongful claims against you.

Related Accounts
If you’re a new Amazon seller opening an account and run into an obstacle such as a typical business verification, stop and solve that problem. Do not start again with a new account! If you’re an experienced seller, use VPNs, different bank accounts, different Mac addresses. Everything has to be different to be successful operating multiple accounts without getting caught.

Restricted Products
Before selling products on Amazon, make sure they’re not restricted. Also, confirm that they’re not restricted in areas where they’re going to be delivered. For example, you cannot sell car radar detectors in certain areas of Canada. You cannot sell anything to do with CBD. Or, if your listing includes medical terms, account suspensions happen by having (what appears to be to Amazon) a medical claim or treatment for a disease.

Trademark Complaints
When you see a trademark as a consumer, you know that you’re getting quality goods or services. Trademark infringement occurs when third-party sellers use unauthorized/improper business names identical / similar to that used by another seller. If another seller uses your trademark or something similar to your trademark in a way that confuses the buyer, there may be trademark infringement.

Copyright Complaints

Copyright almost always pertains to pictures and verbiage in Amazon listings. In addition, it includes things you add to the packaging or package inserts (which is written material / copyright). We’ve seen a boatload of baseless copyright complaints against sellers worldwide. If you have one on your account, you have to figure out most importantly, did you violate anyone’s copyright?

Velocity Spikes
If you sell a lot in a short period of time and you don’t have the necessary reviews / feedback to correlate to the spike in sales, Amazon will place your account under suspension. They will continue to review your account until they have verified that you’ve sold and shipped all items. It’s very important to show Amazon that you have actually sold and shipped all of your products.

Patent Infringement
Work with an attorney experienced in IP law. Patent infringement can result in much more than an account suspension on Amazon. Lawsuits are costly. When a party wins a patent infringement case, they can recover 100% of the sale of products made on the patent holder’s rights. This can be detrimental to a business of any size.

General Changes to Account
If you are selling or doing business on Amazon, do not change your credit card or your bank account information unless you’re ok with a possible suspension. Do not switch from personal sales to corporate. Don’t change anything at all. These basic changes can cause suspensions. We see an increase in sellers making account changes and getting suspended.

Feedback Manipulation
Feedback manipulation happens when a customer writes a review in exchange for an incentive. Amazon has strict policies against manipulating reviews because it skews the authenticity of product reviews. Even if it is genuine, if it was produced in exchange for something, that review is tainted in Amazon’s eyes.

Hacked Accounts
Amazon sellers that have their accounts hacked generally have the same things happen. Sellers’ funds divert to another country and their Amazon account is then suspended. Or, your Amazon account is locked for safe measure against the hacking. We obtain reinstatement of suspended Amazon accounts and we recover funds that may have been diverted.

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