Third-party sellers account for about 50% of all sales on the platform. This makes it a very enticing opportunity, as the potential income a seller can make is quite high. On the other hand, Amazon seems to be doing all it can to make it more difficult for third-party sellers.

Though policy breaches and the consequences are fairly common and sometimes justified, there are occasions when Amazon suspends a listing or account without an explanation, leaving a seller in the lurch.

Sadly, they have every right to do so, as every person who decides to be a seller should also be aware of. When a seller’s account is suspended, Amazon gives the seller the option to appeal the decision, but this rarely makes the process simpler. And when they do respond, Seller Support is more often than not totally unhelpful to sellers. Furthermore, speaking with multiple representatives would almost always result in various responses. This puts sellers even more at Amazon’s mercy.

It’s normal for sellers to make mistakes since they’re human. Even when it’s an honest mistake, Amazon is rarely forgiving. This can be incredibly difficult for sellers to reacquire their account or listing back.

Avoiding suspension entirely is the best thing to do. To do so, you must continuously stay up to date with all policies and have a clear understanding of all of them. To make it easier to follow the rules, make the business model reflect these policies as much as possible.

We all know that even the most careful seller can face Amazon suspension. And appealing on your own can be a challenge.  If you’re having trouble with a suspension, regardless of why it happened, our team has a lot of experience dealing with Amazon.


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