Hello everyone, my name is Mack. I am the Principal Attorney of Macklegal, PLLC and today, I am discussing what you can do if you’ve received a baseless counterfeit complaint.

In your engagement with Amazon, you may have at one time or the other received a baseless counterfeit complaint from a brand or a company. They may be the cause of your account suspension, or you’ll never sell that brand in its entirety. In case you have several items in your inventory and but items in your warehouse, you’re letting the products go to waste.

If this has caused you or your company loss of sales and damages because your account is suspended, you are entitled to seek damages through a “defamation per se” only if you have authentic invoices proving your products are legitimate.

Defamation per se simply means, a particular brand has hurt my relationship as a seller with Amazon thereby causing me to get suspended, or that it may cause other untold issues in the future. So, this is, therefore, trying to protect your precious reputation as a seller with Amazon from these baseless complaints.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to us. We’re here to assist you 24/7. Accusing someone of selling counterfeit goods when they’re not constitutes a felony. To protect your interests, we can file lawsuits for sellers who’ve been unlawfully accused of selling counterfeits. Contact us about your case.

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