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Need Help Regarding your suspended Amazon Account?

Amazon Arbitration Lawyers offer a wide range of services to ensure you are back to selling at the soonest possible time. We help you to reinstate your Amazon account and get strategic growth.

Your Justice Is Our Priority

We ensure that you are always protected by offering essential seller services like Amazon account reinstatements, Enforcement, Intellectual Property Protection, among others.

 Amazon Arbitration Lawyers also provide Amazon Account Management services that are customized to suit your needs.

 We also offer marketing and growth strategies for Amazon Sellers to scale their business through our unique Branding Team.

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Suspended on Amazon?

As an Amazon Seller, things might happen, and you find yourself suspended. It is normal but so chilling due to lose of income and the risk of getting permanently banned from Amazon. We will help you reinstate your account and get back to business. We also coach sellers on how to avoid being suspended again.

Primary Practices

  • Amazon Account Suspensions
  • Amazon Listing Suspensions
  • Plans Of Actions
  • Intellectual property law/copyrights
  • Brand Protection
  • Cease And Desist
  • Arbitration Against Amazon
  • Litigation

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    From Our Clients

    We have thousands of 5 star reviews from Amazon sellers and Great Customer Testimonials of our Team at AAL

    I have been working with Amazon Arbitration Lawyers for 6 years now. I entirely rely on them to provide a weekly account health update, seek reimbursements for the lost and damaged inventory, and put-up measures that prevent our account from being suspended. They have generally helped us focus on other issues and scale to six figures. They are my only and number 1 choice!

    James Paran

    I felt like that was the end of Amazon and me until a friend referred me to Amazon Arbitration Lawyers. They stayed in touch, giving updates, advice, and required support throughout the whole process. The best thing about it is that they managed to reinstate my account and everything went to normal. Surprisingly, since then, they became my choice, and I have never gotten into the critical situation again.

    Sandra Andreas

    Working with Amazon Arbitration Lawyers was easy and smooth. Mack served me. She was so understanding and she handled me calmly. She was responsive and prepared an ASIN reinstatement appeal that was accepted after 30 minutes of sending it. I am constantly referring my partners to her because I was delighted that she could help me very fast.

    James Dilligan

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